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Teaching Noah's ark and Other Familiar Bible Stories

Have you ever opened up your lesson book and thought OH NO, not this one again! Sometimes, the most familiar Bible lessons can be the most difficult to teach. We have all heard "I've heard this story before" from our class, and if we are honest, we've said it ourselves. So what do we do when the lesson is one that most of the kid's in our classes could tell? Each week, we will be posting an unique way to teach those familiar lessons to bring a fresh perspective to you and your class. Remember to pray and ask God what new lesson He wants you to learn before you teach it to the children, and He will give you new insight into even the most familiar Bible lessons! We will be using Noah's Ark for all of the examples given in this 20 idea series. Idea 3: Write out your story facts on a piece of paper. Using sheets of large construction paper, rewrite each fact into a multiple-choice question, one question per sheet. Include three possible answers for each question. (The children respond the best to this type of lesson when you have two answers that could be correct, and one totally silly answer.) You can be as detailed as you like in your questions, and have application questions as well as factual. To teach, tell the children what your lesson is about. Wait for the cries of “We all ready know that story” and then tell the children you are going to test them to see if they really do know what happens. Begin with the first card, and go through each one letting the children choose the correct answer. You can insert teaching points and applications as you go. Let me know if you try this idea, and remember to check back next week for Idea number 4!